These lectures are easy to study by yourself with <New가나다KOREAN> created by Ganada Korean Language Institute. All areas such as vocabulary, grammar, response practice, reading, listening, writing, conversation van be learned.

There are 6 levels (elementary1A&1B, elementary 2A&2B, intermediate1A&1B, intermediate 2A&2B, advanced1A&1B, advanced 2A&2B) and each level is divided into A and B, so there are a total of 12. You can choose a lecture that suits you after try sample lessons of each levels.

No, even if you do not have textbooks, you won’t have any problems listening to lectures.
However, all of our textbooks can be purchased from the site we provided.

※ Those who wish to buy textbooks can purchase them from the following site.

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We recommend you to take the comprehensive course from elementary 1A which starts with Korean pronunciation.

We provide lectures explaining in Japanese and Chinese. We are also preparing lectures explained in English.

The core lecture is a class that allows you to practice while you listening to what the teacher explains. It consist of dialogue, vocabulary, and pattern practice.
The practice made it possible for you to practice your own. Reading, Listening, dictation, live Korean are included.

‘reading practice’: Listen to the text read by Koreans and read it out loud for improving your pronunciation.
Check for new words, read the text 2-3 times to see if you understand the content.

‘Listening practice’: Listen to the audio files recorded by professional voice actors and solve problems.
You can slow down the playing speed. It is best to listen at a slower pace at first and then gradually to get faster and listen until you can understand.

‘dictation’: It is absolutely necessary at the beginner level. Write the sentences after listen and check those yourself. Write down what you missed again.

‘Live Korean’: It is about listening to Korean conversation different from textbook dialogues.
Listen and memorize short conversation and use it when necessary.

Even if you fully understand and repeat only comprehensive course, your skills will improve. For those who want to strengthen your skills, it is best to take online private(1:1 lesson). If you study first through online lectures, then practice speaking with your teacher, then work on your weaknesses with your private tutor, you’ll improve quickly.