We created online lessons based on all of your specific learning needs.


We reconstructed offline lectures from Ganada Korean Language Institute which has systematic curriculums to build online lessons thoroughly and properly.

Practice repeatedly with the feeling of a conversation between the teacher and you even though you study alone.

All your hard work will pay off.

Will internet lectures work?


Face-to-face lectures in the classroom have great advantages to meet and interact with teachers and friends, but even if a situation arises where face-to-face classes are not available, you cannot stop studying Korean language.

Have you ever left your classes confused?
There are times when you want to listen to accurate explanations in your native languages?

To study languages, you need to do it with others and you also need to study alone.
If you combine offline and online lectures to study Korean, you will get the best effect.

There is no other internet course made like this.


We could not miss out grammar, vocabulary, conversation in this online course. Even reading, listening and dictation are included.

In the ‘core lecture’ the basic skills are strengthened by practicing vocabulary, grammar, and sentence making along with explanation in the mother tongue.
In ‘Practice’, where you can learn by yourself, you can deepen your skills by practicing all areas of language learning, including live conversation, reading, listening and dictation.
Another thing is that you can always ask questions you don’t know while studying.
Now, If you have any questions about Korean language, ask e-GANADA.

To suit my level
Over and over until I fully understand
Deepen my understanding of what I need

e-GANADA fully understand students' struggles with learning Koreans.


There are a variety of textbooks and schools but you have no idea how to start studying Korean?
How have you studied so far?

There are Korean Youtube to watch, SNS to communicate, Korean friends to talk, K-pop to listen. However have you feel that you can say only a little simple things and not see any progress of speaking Korean.

There are things I know from here and there but grammars are still not understandable
clearly. Have you feel that you can say in Korean but you are not sure what you are saying is correct?
Do you want to quit learning Korean because it does not work as you planed?

Learn Korean with e-GANADA.
If you study Korean consistently at e-GANADA, you will be able to speak and listen Korean.

You can count on e-GANADA.


The more you learn Korean, the more fun it is.
There are no such thing as simple and easy language study.
If your Korean is well-grounded, you can overcome any difficulties in the middle.
You effort will finally be paid off. Never give up.

e-GANADA is happy to assist you all until you reach the advanced level of Korean.